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10 (embarrassing) Shark-Related Facts About Me


First, a confession. I don't tune in to the Discovery Channel every single night during Shark Week. I actually don't watch much tv during the week at all. Back in the day, I would record Shark Week on VHS tapes. Today I'm thankful for DVR & OnDemand.

Sean and I in Wildwood, NJ

Second, this is going to be a slightly embarrassing post, but I'm okay with that. I have a crazy fascination with sharks. The obsession isn't as strong as it used to be, but I still have a love for these magnificent creatures.

Shark Necklace
^ Sweet shark necklace, right?? ^ 

1. It began when I was about 10 years old and went to Sea World in Florida with my best friend Bri and her parents. The shark tunnel did me in. After that, I was never the same.

2. My fascination with the world's oldest living creatures really took hold of me after a nightmare I had shortly after Sea World. My older brother and I were deep under the sea, cornered by some snarling & growling sharks. Maybe that was my version of the Dogfish Shark (ha, get it?)

*I used to have a drawing of this nightmare, but I can't find it!

3. I had (still have) two "5 Star" Binders filled with my shark resources & researches. It's really elementary, but it's kind of cute. I was ready to be a marine biologist at age 11.

4. One night driving home in the pouring rain with the family, my dad pulled over on the side of the highway to "acquire" a Great White Shark sign for me. I believe it was a cigarette ad, but he cut that part off for me. Side fact: I loathe cigarettes.

5. My first email ever began with the word "SHARK." I still have it and use it today.


6. I owned two Tri-Color/Bala Sharks during my childhood (they really aren't sharks at all). I remember sitting on my parents water-bed with the phone book, calling pet store after pet store until I found one that carried them. I don't think I ever named them, but I sure did cry when they died.

7. I have had many shark gifts through the years (so so SO many), but one that comes to mind is big inflatable shark my Mom bought me. I hung it from my ceiling and thought it was really cool.

8. I jumped for joy when I discovered there was a Sharks class at our college. John and I barely missed a class. One of the only days we did miss that semester was when we left school early to buy George!

9. In another class in college, 3D Design, we had to pick one theme for the entire semester. Of course you know what mine was...

3D Design Shark Pieces

10. I may get a shark tattoo. It would have to be my own design though. Or John's. It's very likely.


Shark Lover

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