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A Long (Happy) Thursday & New Camera Designs!


Yesterday was Thursday. And Thursday was wonderful. It was such a GOOD studio day. Oh how I wish this was my every day.

Mixing paints and inks

Vintage Camera Wall Art

Go for it

Office Space


Mid afternoon pick me up

I was on the go from 6:30 am yesterday to 12:30 am today. Around 3:00 pm I felt a bit worn out so I took a break to do my pilates (something I'm doing now and LOVE) and I almost fell asleep on my mat after I was finished. So after my shower I poured myself some more caffeine, for I had a LOT more to do. Like photograph and list these suckers...

Camera Wall Art

As always, colors are customizable.


I can't wait to do more color combinations with these cameras. By late morning I was getting sad because I was running out of canvas, but then VOILA! ...the dogs are barking like crazy, I run upstairs, look out the window, and see that a big box was just delivered to my porch filled with canvas. Magic trick.

Colleen xo

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