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A Lovely April Friday in Philly



Last Friday we took the train into Philly to celebrate my wonderful sister-in-law's birthday. It was supposed to be the typical "April Showers", but the rain held out and it was beautiful!

We went to this Irish Pub in Center City called Fado. Ever been? Well you need to go! It's seriously high quality pub food, but surprisingly inexpensive. And you just can't beat the atmosphere.

Fado Appetizer

Appetizers at Fado

Fado Irish Pub

Boxtys at Fado

Fado Menu

I can vouch for their stuffed cheese puffs, Harp battered fish tacos, pulled lamb french dip sandwich, fish & chips, and chicken boxty quesadilla (it's made from potatoes instead of tortilla). I didn't eat all of that myself so stop judging. Their beer specials are really great too. And my brother claims they pour the best Guinness.


Tommy and Cara

John and Colleen

There were so many "sections" in this pub, I feel like sitting in each part would be a whole different experience. We had prime seats, our table was in a side open doorway to the street. To be honest, our original table was in the back part of the restaurant, but when Cara noticed the doorway table open up, we all grabbed our beers and ran like little children to claim it. The staff were more than okay with the switch. I love this place.


Philadelphia Center City

^ These guys were AWESOME. When we originally heard their music they were nowhere to be seen, but the reverberation from the buildings made it sound like they were RIGHT next to us. I was so excited they came down our street and stopped at our little doorway.

Center City Philadelphia



Black Sheep Philadelphia

After dinner we tried to go to Monk's Cafe for some drinks, but it was crazy crowded so we stopped at The Black Sheep for a pint. We thought about ordering shots, but then we all decided we should just go back home to Tommy & Cara's Irish Kitchen instead and drink for free.

Philadelphia in Black and White

Subway Sisters

^ Subway Sister Shot!

After all that talk, I'm beer thirsty...have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Easter! 

Colleen xo

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