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A Productive Friday


John does this thing where when my alarms go off early in the morning (I usually have four, which drives him nuts), he waits until I reach over to turn it off and then he grabs and pulls me into his arms, making it very hard to get out of bed. I only had two alarms set this morning-- 6:31 & 7:36 (I like random #s.) I didn't get out of bed until after 9. Thanks boyfriend.

So after I finally got up and had my coffee, my Friday began. I love my Thursdays & Fridays. They are usually filled with listening to music, working in the studio, anything else on my to-do list, and eventually weekend fun & beer/wine/whatever.

Here were a few items on my list today...

Painting Pens

Try out my new porcelain paint pens.

Screen Printing City Skylines

Touching up city skyline canvas art

Screen & touch up some skylines.

Green Tea and Computer Work

Green tea & computer work.

Bearded Dragon Bathtime

Give the Dragon a bath.

Cutting Wood Canvas Board


Supervise John as he works on canvas boards & press things ;-)

Messy Darkroom

Next week's goal is to clean & organize our darkroom. This photo doesn't even BEGIN to describe the disaster that is our darkroom.

Very Happy with Life,

Colleen xo


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