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Abandoned Houses & Radical Face


Abandoned House

I seriously feel drawn to abandoned houses. I'm not sure what it is exactly. I'm sure if I sat here and pondered about it for a while I could come up with a few interesting theories, but I think I'll just let it be. I like not knowing. One of my favorite albums, Radical Face's "Ghost", is based on the idea of an old house retaining memories. I definitely recommend it, it's amazing. I'm in love with every single track and it's one of those rare gems that make you want to listen to the whole entire album, in order, in one sitting...and then start all over again. I literally do so when I'm working in the studio.

...the amount of I's used in this paragraph is slightly awkward.

This is my favorite track...enjoy!

Also, here is their most popular track on the album. I thank this song for showing up on my Pandora a while back and introducing me to Radical Face.

Colleen xo

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