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Backyard Photo Shoot, Sushi, & Philly


I have a lot of photos from this weekend. Here are just a couple that we did in John's backyard. Photo shoots can be so fun.

Picking Leaves

Thrifted top from Mama Tish

Us and Jackie Cat

^ Jackie Cat! If only Charley was there, then we'd have a family portrait going on.

No more pictures, please

^ and sometimes the photographer won't stop snapping away.

After the playing around in the backyard, we went out for sushi with John's mom. Tokyo Bleu! It's our favorite.


Another Appetizer

Black Jack Roll


Delaware River at night

Then we drove by the river. The Delaware River: Disgusting in the daytime, beautiful at night. We also had a bonfire and eventually wandered to the bar down the street. It was a fun, but very late night.

And then Philly on Sunday for some art supplies and National Mechanics!

Pictures in Philly

^ New Blog Banner Photo!

National Mechanics

Trying new hard cider

Mayor John Street

Plantain Chips and Salsa, amazing

National Burger

So lots of food photos. We like food.

Colleen xo

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