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Best Friends, Sangria, & a Crazy Dog




My mom and I both got to spend our weekend with our best friends, Bri & Karen. They were up visiting from North Carolina.
My two best friends
What was extra awesome was I spent Saturday with BOTH of my best friends :-) We all lived in the same town almost all of our lives, but now we live in different states. That's one part of growing up I'm not too fond of.
Dad made Sangria and it was delicious. The older adults stayed up a bit past midnight and a group of us "youngins" somehow didn't go to bed til 4 am.
Katie Girl Having Fun with Her Grandparents
Mommom and Bri
My grandmother was especially happy to see Bri.
My Twin <3 
Crazy Kids
And now for the "Crazy Dog" part...
My two boys
Cutest Cairn
I love my Charley Boy
Our Charley Boy was happily playing Frisbee in the backyard and it ended with him limping. He still hasn't been using his left hind leg so we took him to the vet yesterday. The doctor believes he tore his ACL (it's actually called a CCL in dogs.)
This isn't something we could have really prevented and it's a rather common injury in dogs. He hasn't yelped once and he doesn't seem to mind us touching the area. Charley is to be on strict rest for 8 weeks. If he doesn't improve, then he will need surgery. When the word "surgery" came out of the veterinarian's mouth, I felt a motherly panic set in. I just wanted to grab my dog and run for the hills. No one is operating on my Charley Boy, if I can help it.
Today I leave for Maryland for a long weekend and for one of the first times EVER, I have to leave my dog behind. It's going to be hard, especially because there is going to be a 2 year old Cairn Terrier down there with us who looks very much like my 8 year old Cairn Terrier. Yeah...that's not going to be easy.
My wonderful Mama is going to take good care of him while I'm gone, administering his meds twice a day, icing & heating his leg, and carrying him outside when he has to go to the bathroom. The hard part will be keeping him contained to the one room in the house and trying to keep him from walking around too much.
I know this isn't the biggest deal in the world and things could always be worse, but I'm just being a worried mama. I'm sure he'll be fine, I just don't like facing the fact that my dog is getting older and that we'll have to be more careful with him for now on.
So yes, the last weekend in July was very fun. Charley apparently just had a little too much fun.
Colleen xo

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