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Black & White Skyline Canvas Sets


Making Skylines

Although I do like all of the colorful creations in our Ink the Print shop, I wanted to add more black & white home decor products. So on Thursday, my most intense and productive studio day of the week, I decided to make gray-scale monochromatic city skyline sets.

Black and White Skyline Art

^ This set is made up of three of the East Coast's most wonderful cities: Baltimore, New York, & Philadelphia. Our Washington, D.C. design is almost finished so I'm exited to be adding that one to the set soon!

Philadelphia Skyline Art Gray and Black

Baltimore Skyline Art

Baltimore Skyline Monochrome Set of 3

New York Skyline Art

New York Skyline Monochrome Set of 3

Philadelphia Skyline Art

Philadelphia Skyline Monochrome Set of 3


Colleen xo

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