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Errands in Philly


This past Saturday, John and I ventured into Philly to buy some art supplies, run a few other errands, and eat/drink.


We both decided to leave our cameras at home, for we had to postpone our trip a few hours and the sun was about to go down. So instead we used our camera phones and got some grainy, low-key (and sometimes out of focus) shots. I then had some fun in Photoshop with them.


Parking was a disaster so we ended up paying to park in a lot.

Dick Blick in Philadelphia

We had a blast in our toy store (aka Dick Blick) and the only thing that finally got us out of there was the hunger in our bellies and the craving for some good beer.

We walked around the city hoping to find a new place to try, but we ended up at one of our favorite spots in Old City--National Mechanics!

National Mechanics in Philadelphia

We got to sit in a rather secluded spot by a window with all these awesome plants in glass jars of different shapes and sizes. It gave us inspiration to add to our little greenery collection.

National Mechanics in Philadelphia

The music was perfect (Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Passion Pit, etc), the food was delicious (we both got our usual "National Burger"), and most importantly- the of beer was excellent. I had Flying Dog's "Raging Bitch" and John had Bell's "Best Brown Ale." And for dessert, apple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and some sort of spiced sauce. Pretty damn good.

I had a blast with my boyfriend. He's my favorite.

Colleen xo

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