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Garlic Soup



It's the fall time and that means a Garlic Soup night! I made it only once before and that was a year ago. The family have been begging me to make it again since. So I finally made it tonight for dinner!

I combined a couple different recipes, but the main two I followed are here and here.

Cutting Onions

I wore my shades in hopes to protect my eyes form the onions! I think it helped a little.

Roasted Garlic

Cubed Bread

Garlic Soup

^Before the bread cubes, food processor, & cream.

I had 9 hungry mouths to feed (including my own) so I totally forgot to take a photo of the soup in the pot when it was finally finished! But they all loved it :-)

Jamison loving his salad
Jamison was the salad king tonight!

Jamison and Mommom
And he was so sincere when he told me he really loved my soup. So cute!

It's a fairly easy recipe, plus I had my aunt to help me with the prep and clean up!

Next time I'm going to take it a step further and add shrimp!

Colleen xo

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