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George the Dragon


Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) - Gentle omnivorous lizards from Australia.

The term "bearded" refers to it's ability to flare out skin in the throat region when being threatened or territorial. These gentle lizards can grow up to 2ft in length (including it's tail) and live about 10 years, although there have been reported cases of some living much longer! There are many great sites out there to learn more and how to care for these wonderful critters. I like Animal Planet's site.

George was my early Valentine's Day gift from John in 2010. John and I left school early one day (skipping my favorite class that semester, SHARKS!) and went to the pet store. There were a handful of tiny dragons in the Bearded Dragon terrarium and I thought it would be hard to choose, but I immediately fell in love with the alert, healthy-looking one chilling up on one of the branches waving at me (waving is a typical Bearded Dragon behavior which is believed to be a passive sign/submission.) From that day on I became a reptile nerd (probably John's dream come true.)

He was so tiny and quick that I was nervous holding him for the first couple of weeks.

Baby Bearded Dragon

This is him in his new home on V-day at about 6 weeks old.

Sleeping Bearded Dragon

Sleeping in my hand (about 6 months old.)

Me and George

Bearded Dragon

George getting fresh (about 8 months old.)

Bearded Dragon at Work

Helping me scan slides (1 year old.)

Bearded Dragon

Silly Bearded Dragon

Seat Belt Bearded Dragon

We lost our electric due to Hurricane Irene this past August so I had to drive George and all his special lights to John's house.

Close Up Bearded Dragon

He was a fun subject when I bought my ring light flash and macro equipment (1 1/2 years old.)

Bearded Dragon in Hammock

George loves chillin' in his hammock. Such a tough life he has...

Bearded Dragon Bath time!

Bath time! This is my most recent photo of him. He is now 2 years old!

Bearded Dragons are so passive and sweet. George is actually hanging out with me right now as I blog from bed. I love my dragon.

Colleen xo

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