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Hot Apple Pie Drink


Our friend Dave texted me a link last week saying we should try making this: Liquid Hot Apple Pie. Well we did last Saturday and it was delicious.


1 Gallon Apple Juice

1 (2 liter) Bottle Ginger Ale

1 cup Brown Sugar

1 pint Whiskey

1 pint Spiced Rum

3 (3 inch) Cinnamon Sticks

*The cooking instructions can be found in the link above.

Chef John

Mixing the batch

Waiting Patiently

The process took a couple hours, but it was worth it. The guys all liked it cold. I didn't mind it either way. It's a great December drink. We still have about a gallon of it left in the fridge so at least I know what I'll be drinking again tonight.

Colleen xo

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