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House of Cards


Philadelphia Skyline Canvas for House of Cards

See those top two skylines? A production company bought those last March to possibly use in the set design of the new Netflix series "House of Cards." I may have jumped up and down when I realized the show starred Kevin Spacey. But from the get-go, I knew there was a chance the skylines wouldn't be used and I tried talking myself down from the excitement so I wouldn't be devastatingly disappointed. So when February 1st was getting close and the entire first season was about to be released, I only reminded a few people to watch and look out for them. And when that day came, I got sucked into my sister's iPad for hours, scanning through each and every episode on Netflix (13 of them!) The skylines were nowhere to be found. I may have layed in bed in a semi-catatonic state after that for a few hours. I was so sad and ridden with disappointment.

So I'm 99% sure the skylines weren't used in the set design. I still have some secret little hope that maybe they will show up in season 2, but I know that is very doubtful. But I can't help it. I'm an idealist. And I know if (when) another potentially awesome opportunity like this happens again, I'll be just as hopeful.

Having our artwork on a major t.v. show would have been quite amazing, but I still consider it a win that we made those two sales and were even considered to be a part of something so great.

So here's to next time! :-)

Colleen xo

P.S. The show is really good.

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