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I told him not to buy me flowers.


I told him I thought they were a waste of money. 6 1/2 years ago I told him not to buy me flowers and he stored that in his long-term relationship memory of his. There was this ONE time, a rose one Valentine's Day for which I heavily hinted about so it doesn't count! Plus, his mom picked it up for him, not that I really minded. But it didn't count.

What a dumb thing I said. You can't take a 19 year old girl seriously when it comes to that stuff, but apparently you can expect a 20 year old boy to remember that stuff, forever. I obviously didn't know any better. Turns out I like flowers! The gesture alone is so sweet. And while we're on the topic, I also enjoy surprises and simple little love notes... ;-)

And then yesterday, while we were standing in line at Produce Junction to get the iguanas lettuce and me some pomegranates, John looked over at the flowers and asked me if I'd like some orchids as an early birthday present (I'm 26 tomorrow). I happen to know he actually really likes orchids (he is Nature Boy, after all) and I also happen to know he will be the one who makes sure these things don't die, but I'm so happy I finally got my flowers!!


Colleen xo

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