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About 4 years ago, I painted a psychological self-portrait for an art class. During the group critique, everyone seemed to really like it and apparently my technique reminded them of the process of silkscreening. I've always loved Warhol's work and the Pop Art Movement, but I didn't know anything about the printing technique. Since that night I had been curious about trying it.

Andy Warhol

About a year later John and I bought our first screens & inks from the local arts & crafts store. We created designs, developed screens, and hand-pulled them onto canvas and other materials.

Ink the Print's First Creations

In the fall of 2010, John and I started Ink the Print!

From there we have slowly been adding supplies to our studio and thinking up cool ideas in which to apply this awesome process to.

Colleen Marshall of Ink the Print

We decided that if we wanted to create and sell clothing & accessories with our designs on them, we'd need a press. While searching the internet, I found detailed plans for a wooden screen printing press. An engineer was kind enough to draw and write out in detail exactly how he made his and then made it available for free on the internet as a PDF. Many thanks to him! And many thanks to John's dad, for he used those plans and built us one! We haven't gotten all that much use out of it yet, but we plan to put our designs on t-shirts, bags, etc.

Colleen xo

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