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Joe (Pug) & Johnny (Brenda's) Have My Heart


Last night, James and I crossed the river into Philadelphia to Johnny Brenda's to once again see Mr. Joe Pug play. This time around I wanted to sneak my camera in, but I decided last minute to leave it at home. So instead, I captured the night with my phone.


Philly Streets

Finding good parking took forever, just like last time. 

Funny side note: Once we finally did get a spot, we got locked out of James' car with the ignition still on. Funny part? He had the keys in his hand, yet he was still locked out! He has a VW Tiguan and everything, including unlocking the car, is done electronically through computers. After some investigating, I thankfully found a story on the internet some man was kind enough to post on how to uncover the actual keyhole to unlock the vehicle the "old fashion way." I'm thankful for smart phones and not so thankful for smart vehicles.

Random Huge Door

Johnny Brenda's

Pretty LightsCool Floor

Beer ListBar



The opening act, Vandaveer, was really great. Definitely worth checking out. We were watching the show from the balcony and during their first song, Joe Pug quietly came through the door near us to watch his friends play. Pretty sweet. I think James and I were the only ones who noticed him standing there, beer in hand.


We got to talk to the guy from Vandaveer after the show and he was super nice.

And then came our main act...

Joe Pug at Johnny Brenda's

Joe Pug at Johnny Brenda's

Joe PugJoe Pug

One of my favorite parts of the show was his tribute to the amazing Levon Helm. One of my other favorite parts was this..

Joe Pug and Strand of Oaks

For one of the last songs, he brought out his buddy Strand of Oaks. He opened for Joe Pug last year when we saw him.

We met Joe Pug!

And this was, by far, the highlight of our night. Such a sweet guy.

He's seriously worth taking the time to listen to. You're welcome in advance ;)

Can't wait to see him for a 3rd time. And can't wait to get back to Johnny Brenda's!

Colleen xo

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