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Joshua James


Joshua James.  He's interesting. He's passionate. He's TALENTED.  And at times I think he looks a bit like Jared Leto.

If you're a Sons of Anarchy fan, you may recognize this song:


So this past Saturday, Jason and I went into Philly and saw this man play at the Tin Angel on 2nd Street. It was our first time at the Tin Angel and it was rather tiny, but that made for a small, intimate show. Next time we go there, we are going to reserve a table in advance. We sat on stools along the wall to the right of the stage that had a little bar ledge or whatever you'd call it.

Bar Ledge  Joshua James

Joshua was awesome. The guys playing with him were awesome. And when I met him...all I could say was "Hey, you're awesome." Haha, I guess I was at a loss for words. I also managed to get out "do you mind getting your picture with us?"

Meeting Joshua James

Not only talented, but a sweet and authentic guy. He hung around after the show conversing with fans.  He looks you straight in the eye and puts his hand on your shoulder when he talks to you. Kind of intense maybe, but I think it's...awesome.

Colleen xo

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