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Like majority of people, the right side of my body is my dominant side. YET, it wasn't until it was pointed out during a photography class in college (by John, I believe) that I realized I was left-eyed. About 1/3 of the population are left-eye dominant. Apparently being right-handed & left-eyed makes me "cross-dominant." I'll take it.

Looking through the viewfinder with my right eye feels so unnatural.

Not sure of your eye dominance? Pick up a camera and look through the viewfinder. But since the average person doesn't look through viewfinders anymore, here's an easy eye dominance test...

1. Look across the room and focus on a small object.

2. With both eyes open, extend your arm out in front of you (doesn't matter which) and cover that object with your thumb.

3. Now close your right eye. If the object is still covered you are right-eyed. If the object jumps into view, you are left-eyed.

Hope that makes sense.


"See" you later,

Colleen xo


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