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Molly the Milk Snake


Eastern Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum) - Milk snakes are a species of King Snakes and there are 25 different subspecies of Milk Snakes.

It was the end of summer in 2008. John came across Molly as we were going for a walk on his grandparent's land in the mountains of P.A. (One of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've ever experienced.) Ever since he was a little boy, John hasn't been able to pass a rock on that mountain without flipping it over to see what's underneath. This habit of his is also how we ended with Jerry the Red-Bellied Snake. And then Jerry the 2nd (May they both rest in peace.) ...Back to finding Molly. John, of course, found her under a rock on the mountain. She was so tiny, just a hatch-ling, that I didn't even hesitate putting out my hand to hold her. We took her home, I named her Molly, and John raised her.

Since then, John and I have grown very fond of Molly. She's mostly nocturnal and she's a very gentle snake. She is the kind of snake that constantly moves when you hold her, which I enjoy because it feels so cool when she slithers between my fingers. I don't find her the least bit scary, especially because her head is on the small side. Like a lot of our animals, she's also given us creative inspiration.

Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

She even inspired John to design Molly shirts & bags.

Eastern Milk Snake Tote Bags

The bags are available HERE in our online shop!

I thank John for really making me realize snakes aren't so scary. One night last summer, my older brother called us out onto the street because there was a black rat snake injured in the middle of the road (We actually have a black rat snake at home that John saved a few winters ago. His name is Ichabod.) John picked up the injured snake, realized its neck was broken and it couldn't be saved, and placed it in the grass. Don't you know I actually teared up? I blame it partially on alcohol consumption, but I never in a million years thought I'd shed a tear over a random black rat snake.

Colleen xo

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