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My Mind's Been (((Busy)))


Touching Up Skylines
Although we still have so far to go, I'm pretty proud of what John and I have built with Ink the Print. And I honestly spend almost every spare moment thinking about and working on our little company. It may be a bit obsessive, but it works for me :-) I'm happy. But yes, my mind has been so busy. I find myself not truly paying attention to people in conversations because of it. I need to stop that because one day I'm going to find myself smiling, nodding, and agreeing at a terribly inappropriate moment or something.
Signing Coasters
Summer sales are supposed to be really slow. Everyone is on vacation and (most) people haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet. This time of year has always been slow in the past for us. BUT, that's not the case for us this year. Sales are picking up and it has been a wonderful surprise. It's exhilarating and intimidating, and I just can't stop thinking about what the fall-time will bring us.
We have made a couple of pretty exciting sales lately and we have some potential exciting things in the works. This little thing we call the internet is truly our best friend, for it is helping us slowly but surely expose our work to more and more people.
Colleen xo

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