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My Special Olympian


Kaitlyn was in the Special Olympics this past Saturday. It was her first time and all I can say is I am one proud sister. I can't even begin to describe the joy it gave me to watch her. I thought my heart was going to burst. The whole event was filled with happy and inspiring people. It was wonderful.


^ My parents waiting for their little girl's turn to compete.

That's my girl!

Look at her go!


Getting her well-deserved medals

So Proud of Her

Pictures with the police

Katie and her coach

Her old friend, Gabby!

Borrowing John's sunglasses

Mom, Katie, and Daddy


Katie did a walk and a run. The walk was first and I didn't know it was a "walk" so I was shouting out "Run, Kate, Run!" I think all three girls participating heard me and picked up speed. Oh my, how embarrassing.

After she was done her race, she seemed ready to go home. She was tired, squinting from the sun, and hungry. I got her to look at the camera for some of the shots, but as I've mentioned before, my sister can be a very difficult subject to photograph.

I hope she does it again next year. Now that we have one Special Olympics under our belt, I'm pretty sure next year she'll have an even bigger fan club there cheering her on.

Colleen xo

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