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North Carolina and Some Snakes


Beginning of our long ride

John and I took a little road trip to Wilmington, North Carolina to visit one of my best friends. I met Briana at age 3 when she moved next door to me. Now she lives a 10 hour drive away :-/

He loves snakes

Bri took us to the Cape Fear Serpentarium. We were quite impressed by their large collection of snakes. They also had some crocodiles, but the snakes were the main attraction. At least half of them were deadly.


He loves snakes

^ Nature Boy was in his glory.



^ This Viper is the strangest looking snake I've ever seen.


^ Nothing in this one except a one of a kind Briana & Colleen.

Yellow Snake

Blood Pythons

^ Blood Pythons. My younger brother had one of these.


It was well worth the $8 admission!


Family Dinner

We also spent a night at Bri's parents' house on Oak Island. They are my second parents and wonderful people. Gary cooked us up some fresh fish he caught and it was seriously delicious. And there was shrimp. I effing love shrimp.


And I already miss my friend!


Colleen xo

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