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Our Products are for sale at Tapiture! (Sister Site of theCHIVE)


This is something that's been in the mix for weeks and we're excited to finally announce that we've partnered up with Tapiture and 13 of our Ink the Print creations are now for sale in the Tapiture Shop! Our launch was this past Monday and our products went live that afternoon.

So what is Tapiture? It's a sister site of theCHIVE(I'm sure most of you know and love theCHIVE. How could you not?) Tapiture is often referred to as the "Pinterest for dudes." Instead of "pinning" items on the web, you "tap" them. And though Tapiture may be geared more towards males, females enjoy the site too!

Then there is the Tapiture Shop. The shop is filled with awesome products by talented creators who the Tapiture team deem fit for their site. We are so excited and honored to now be a Tapiture Partner! In the shop, you can purchase some of our coasters, photographs, and prints! They are categorized under "barware" and "art".

You can see all of our products on Tapiture here.

This holiday season has been so crazy and busy for us, but I'M SO HAPPY about it!!! 

Colleen xo

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