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Pretty Colors


Pretty Colors

^ See, pretty colors. Although the rest of this post has nothing to do with this ;-)

I spent at least 2 hours today rearranging and organizing part of my workspace. It was definitely necessary and doing stuff like that always makes me feel SO much better. I can think clearer, I can relax.

There are a lot of new things coming to our shop in the next month and so many ideas being written down. I'm very excited (and impatient). It seems like everything is such a long process, especially with a tight budget for supplies. But I think that helps me focus on one project at a time. Although I really do still jump around with projects. I can't help it!

There will be some new skyline designs (including a new city! Nashville!) and lots of coasters! And possibly some other things, but I can't get ahead of myself.

Starting this little business of ours "from nothing"and slowly building it is definitely rewarding. It's tough to stay encouraged all the time, but I somehow keep at it. Every time I get a notification that we've sold something from our shop, something we've created, I get so excited like we've won the lottery. No matter how small the sale, it's always a serious thrill. I hope I never lose that.

John and I plan to go into Philly this Saturday for some necessary art materials. I'm looking forward to it because I always love our little trips to Philly. Hopefully we'll go to National Mechanics for food & beverages!

I didn't really take many photos today, as you can tell. Hooray for tomorrow being Friday!

Colleen xo

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