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Rebuilding the Dock of the Bay (Part 1)


We went down to Maryland this weekend and the guys began to rebuild our beloved dock which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The weekend was filled with hard work, good drinks, fun, and cats. I mostly took part in the good drinks, fun, and cats. Saturday was rainy and Sunday was ridiculously buggy, but they worked through it all and got a lot done. Some supplies have to be ordered to finish it so we'll be going down again next month.

Cold Water

Apparently there was more structural damage than anticipated. The boys had to spend some time in the cold water for the beginning repairs.

Let's Begin

Hammer Time

Carpenter Tom

Boyfriend and Brother

Look out for the spiders!

Ken also had to replace the bay window in the other house.

And when Cara and I went to the other house, we played with Ya's new kitten, Maxi!

Cara and the Kitten

Maxi Cat the Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kitten  Maine Coon Kitten

Window Cat

While we were playing with Maxi, Ming daydreamed about playing outside.

We also celebrated a special birthday this weekend...

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Young Wild and Free   Sugar Daddy

Us girls went into town Saturday afternoon and picked out these awesome shirts for Pop at the Dollar General!

Happy Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Cara Hammering with Dad

Hammering Away

Hiding from the bugs

Crazy Bugs in the Air

Look at all the bugs in the air! Sunday was brutal.


Sister Sledge

Sleddddggggeehammerrrrrr! Cue the Peter Gabriel song. This is all Sister Sledge wanted to do this weekend. Love her.

Bloody Mary Sunday   Dad and his Blurry Murry

Tidal Tarp

We folded up the tarps with style.

Dock Rebuild

Dock Rebuild

John in the Pie Plate

Next Month's Project

This is what's left to rebuild when we come back down in a few weeks. Almost ready for summer! Good work guys!

Colleen xo

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