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Rebuilding the Dock of the Bay (Part 2)


It's finished!!! There's still some little odds & ends that need to be done, but for the most part it's finished!! It took two [wonderful] weekend visits to complete. I'm so happy and so proud of our guys!

Men at work

Rebuilding the dock

Beautiful day to work outside

Chainsaw Time

While these three worked on the dock, Ken cleaned up the yard at the other house...BIG TIME. Although I don't have any photos of it, thank you!!!

Little Miss Bubbles

Raising the Flag

Working out of the pie plate

Sister Kisses

So Happy   Water Fun

She loves the water

Checking on the progress

I was so happy my Mom and sister were able to come down with us this time. They had a blast.

Mom Dad and Katie

My Girl

Team work

Almost Done

Brother and Boyfriend

Thumbs Up

The dock gets Katie's approval.

John and Tish Cooking

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

We celebrated her birthday...AGAIN.

Silly Cupcake Face

Ta Da!

Sunday's Work

Dad built a new frame for the heavy sink

Hammering in the Bay

Gin and Tonic



It's so beautiful.

Colleen xo

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