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RIP Richie Havens


The news didn't reach me until a week after, but the wonderful musician Richie Havens died a couple weeks ago. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in South Jersey 8 years ago. And I also had the great honor of meeting him.

Richie Havens in Concert

Meeting Richie Havens
Please just take notice at how large this man's hands are!
When playing guitar, he would strum so hard and break his picks. During a short intermission, I jumped over and grabbed one off the stage.
Richie Havens Guitar Pick
And of course I still have the signed ticket and guitar pick :-)
Richie Havens was most famous for his performance at Woodstock. He was the unplanned opening act. The band who was supposed to open were apparently stuck in traffic. Havens was kept on stage until they finally arrived, which I believe was almost 3 hours. After he ran out of material, he improvised this...
Truly amazing. 
And one of my favorites is his cover of Dylan's "Just Like a Woman"...
Rest easy, Mr. Havens.
Colleen xo

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