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Road Trip to Detroit


My father-in-law likes to rebuild antique tractors in his spare time and he recently put a bid on some tractor parts through Ebay. He won the bid, but now that meant he had to drive all the way to Michigan to pick them up...

John and I laughed and laughhhhed. And then suddenly we weren't laughing anymore because we were going with him! I was promised breakfast with my dad, who is in Detroit this month for business, and city skylines on the journey home, which means more designs for Ink the Print!

We left two Saturdays ago at 2:30 pm and arrived right above Detroit a little after midnight. We found a hotel a few minutes from the Ebay seller's location so we went there early Sunday morning and got the first order of business out of the way.

And then we saw Dad!

Meeting Dad in Detroit

^ I made him take a selfie with me in the parking lot of the Whitmore Lake Tavern.


^ Breakfast was delicious. We all ordered a side bowl of sausage gravy with our meal because...why not?


^ Then we drove just a few minutes to the current job site Dad's managing . The induction industry is quite intense!

Industrial Photo

Industrial Photo

We couldn't stay very long if we wanted to get all the skylines on the way home. It felt really weird leaving my Dad in Michigan. I wanted to take him home with us! But I was so happy we got to spend a little bit of time with him and get a tour of the very important things he and his company do.

Detroit Church

^ Cool Detroit Church

Snowy Drive through Detroit

Our first skyline mission was, of course, Detroit. The GPS took us through some questionable areas, but I learned that even the most dangerous cities look non-threatening when covered in fresh snow. Snow or no snow, we stayed in the locked truck until we reached our destination...

Snowy Detroit

Snowy Detroit

Snowy Detroit

Snowy Detroit

^ And here's the Detroit skyline! Isn't it beautiful!?!? We sadly could not capture it due to the winter weather. I was pretty sad and getting discouraged thinking about the rest of our skyline trip home.

Snowy Detroit

^ But you can't stay sad when you're on a road trip.

Snowy Detroit

Goodbye, Detroit. Next stop, Toledo...

Snowy Toledo

^ Toledo Skyline, check! Now onto Cleveland...

Snowy Cleveland

^ This is Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio and from here you are supposed to see the skyline. Again, winter weather ruined our plans! We were, however, able to get the skyline from driving through the city. It's not the best, but we took what we could get.

Snowy Cleveland

Snowy Cleveland

^ We had to yell at some crazy man to get off the icy rocks and get back into the truck.

Snowy Cleveland

^ Lake Erie is quite beautiful.

Snowy Cleveland

Snowy Cleveland

^ On our way into Cleveland. The city was EMPTY. It was Sunday and snowy and quiet, so we may have taken advantage and made all kinds of illegal turns and trespassing. You can't prove it, though.

It was dark and entirely too snowy by the time we got to Pittsburgh, but John and I were so fascinated by the city as we drove through it that we're going to plan a trip there soon to capture the skyline and be tourists. It's only a 4 1/2 hour drive, easy weekend getaway. 

Snowy Drive

^ aaaaand this is what we drove home in. Shhhh, don't tell our moms.

We got back home into Jersey a little after midnight, so technically that Monday morning. We drove to Detroit and back, including sleeping in a hotel for a few hours and stopping in several cities, in less than 34 hours.

If there are any two people I want to be stuck in a car with for that long, it's my husband and father-in-law. There's always lots of humor involved, yet I know I'm safe. We talk about cool names to name our potential future goat in between comfortable silences and eating snacks. And when they get all geeky on me talking about science theory, I tune them out and read my book. Hanging with those two, plus breakfast with my dad and getting his workplace tour, was worth the entire trip. The two skylines we captured were just a bonus. An awesome bonus, I might add.

Colleen xo

P.S. I just finished the designs for Toledo and Cleveland skyline coasters. They'll go into production later today and we'll have our end product some time next week. Woo!

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