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Sandy Broke the Dock


I've declared my love for John's family bay house in Maryland many, many times. Well Hurricane Sandy was not very kind to our beloved dock. I went down there this weekend to assess the damage with some of the family.

The photos don't give Sandy's rage justice, it's much worse in person. The first section of the dock is missing and most of the boards on there are really not attached. Neighbors that stayed here through the hurricane said the waves were about 6 feet above the docks. CRAZY.

That doesn't look safe


That was a new rug!

Chunk of the dock

Men at work

Poor Dock

Jolly Pop

Neighbor's dock

Kmar with his chainsaw

They were very productive

There were also a few trouble trees at the other house...

Cutting trees

A HUGE one fell in front of the house, blocking the road. Neighbors had to cut and drag it out of the way to get by. And this very tall pine tree was looming over the roof of the house so the guys had to take care of it. John was the brave soul to climb up to tie the rope. The other end of the rope was attached to Ken's truck.

Not thrilled about this part

While the plan to take down this tree was pretty well thought out, it was scary to watch. And the tree actually exploded. It was quite exciting.


The sink

The cast iron sink fell into the bay, but didn't go very far since it's so damn heavy. Around 150 lbs?


With the help of a cable puller and some man power, the sink was salvaged.

All the guys worked really hard this weekend. They managed to save a lot of boards and we cleaned up the yard pretty nicely. I carried wood from here to there (the whole time I kept thinking of that one commercial: I pick things up and put them down!) and I made sure the men were fed and hydrated. A lot still has to be done, but it was a good start.

There are plans to rebuild the dock in the spring. My Dad and older brother are volunteering their carpentry skills, which makes me happy. Our favorite place on the bay will be back to normal soon!

I just went through photos, planning to post a couple of my favorite times on the dock. Well, my selections got out of control and I couldn't narrow them down. It actually became frustrating, ha. So I just went with this...



Colleen xo

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