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Saturday on the Farm


John and I drove up to the mountain house for the weekend to visit his grandparents who like to spend their summers here.

We had a good day on the farm today. To be clear, the mountains is the farm. The farm is in P.A. We use all three of these terms depending on...well, depending on what we feel like calling it. So the farm on a mountain in P.A.

Buck Weathervane

We started our morning at 10:30 with coffee and donuts. Then we took the golf cart through the acres of trails in the woods. Any noise scares away the bears, but we did come across a slew of deer (which I have in my own backyard every day so they don't phase me much), a baby porcupine (that sighting was actually last night and it was SO cute!), and some frantic turkeys. 

Flowers in a baby basket

Hummingbird Feeder

Ford Tractor

Nature Boy Flipping Rocks

John doing his usual rock-flipping. This is how he found our Molly.

Acres of Trails


Photographing Critters

In the Woods

Salamander on my leg

Love this place. Upstate Pennsylvania.

The Farmhouse

My man

We also rode around town for a bit, waited what seemed to be a very long time for a pizza, & sat around quietly at dusk anticipating a visit from some local bears (but no dice). 

Photographer at work

Ya and Pop

Old Post Office

Night Riding in the Golf Cart

Now we're relaxing (as if we weren't all day long...), drinking Woodchuck Hard Cider, and doing edits on our computers. Life is good. Early tomorrow morning we are going to the flea market. Crossing my fingers I find a postal scale. I ship mostly from home so I'm tired of weighing myself on the scale and then weighing myself again while holding a package.

Colleen xo

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