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Saturday's Turkey (Deep-Fried)


Checking the oil

John and Dad were in charge of dinner on Saturday at the McWilliams household. My mom had been wanting to cook the turkey that had been in the freezer so we all decided deep frying it would be the most fun. Actually, any food deep fried is usually the most fun.

About to cook the turkey

Deep frying turkey

Gin and Tonics with lime

While they were in charge of the bird, I was in charge of drinks. I realized we had plenty of gin, but no tonic! So I took a trip to the store. I brought my sister along and let her pick out whatever she wanted in the candy aisle. This child LOVES grocery stores, it's like a field trip or an adventure to her. And it's not even just about the candy aisle, either. She gets excited over EVERYTHING in the store. Seriously, it's so damn cute.

Another highlight of bringing Kaitlyn along was jamming out in my truck to "Blurred Lines." I know it's played on the radio like several times an hour, but it's kind of a blast.

The turkey was done shortly after we got back from the store. (I think it only took about an hour to cook.)


Deep-fried turkey

This turkey was seriously amazing. I ended up having it again as 4th meal around 1 in the morning. And then we finished up the rest of it for dinner tonight.

Colleen xo

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