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The Baltimore Business Trip (aka our first business trip)


I want to take business trips every month! I want to capture a new city skyline every month! Well, sadly that's not very probable at the moment, but maybe one day. 

So John and I made our little voyage to Baltimore this past weekend and it was pretty great. I already finished the Baltimore Skyline design and have hopes to have some canvas up for sale next week (maybe) or the following week.

We did take a good amount of photos during our visit. I only have one of John's thus far, which I love. It's me in awe of a shark, of course I love it.

Shark Lover

I have been obsessed with sharks since about the 5th grade.

Here are some of my shots...

Driving to Baltimore

I-95 Traffic

Mr. Photographer

Our Nice Hotel Room

Rays at the National Aquarium

Jellyfish Art at the National Aquarium

This is how two photographers get their "couples shot"

Inner Harbor at Night

Pentagon Memorial

Little girl running through water

Street Lights in the Wind

Pretty abandoned buildings in Baltimore

Until tomorrow,

Colleen xo

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