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The First Weekend of Summer


Mountains Panorama

We spent the longest day of the year at the most beautiful place we know. Last Friday afternoon a few of us drove up to the mountain house in P.A. We had the BEST weather, drank some TERRIBLE tequila, and literally didn't stop laughing the entire trip.

Oh! And we encountered a black bear in the woods. That was amazing. As was our little visits with the raccoon who lives behind the house. I got plenty of photos of Meeko the Raccoon, but sadly none of the bear.

Old Farm House

Ray making us breakfast

John and his carousel cup

Wild Bill

Farmer Ken

Strong Man

Clearing the Trails

Machete Boy

Ax Girl

^ Trimming the trails.

Woodchuck Love


Learning to drive the tractor

Bath Time in the Pond

Feeding Mama Meeko

^ She's a mama raccoon, as you can see.

Meeko the Raccoon

Cutest Raccoon

Petting Raccoon

Feeding the raccoon

Feeding time

What's so funny?

Sexy Redneck


Ride through the woods

Love these two!

This place is heaven

Night Time

Colleen xo

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