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These Christmas lights are for the tree...


...yet they were thrown around our living room last night. Dad went with the toss in the air and smack the ceiling method this year. It eventually worked out and surprisingly no lights were broken.

Katie and Daddy

Blurry Action Shot of his Shenanigans

Cutest Christmas Tree

Cutest Christmas Tree I've ever seen

Doggie Christmas Tree

^ I hope Charley finds it in his heart to forgive us.

Mama Christmas Lights

^ Miss Anonymous. And in case you have good eyes and are wondering why half of my name is written on the fireplace, my brother Sean secretly did that with chalk one Christmas when we were little in effort to get me in trouble. And I think the reason it is still there is that it won't come off.

Cutest christmas tree They Got me

Dad with Christmas Lights

^ Dad began dancing with the lights...

Cutest Teenager

^ And Katie and I began to get embarrassed.

Kate: Daddy, you annoyin'.

Hooray for Christmas Time! :-)

Colleen xo

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