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They taught her not to be afraid of the tree.


Brother in a tree

Katie wants to play.

We have this houseplant in our living room that Katie smacks every time she walks by it. And as a baby, she was terrified of the Christmas tree. Kaitlyn has always had this strange fear of trees. It's called Dendrophobia. She's usually funny about it, but sometimes it's a serious thing. She especially doesn't like when the wind blows the branches and leaves.

So a few months ago we were hanging out at our brother's house, and Sean and John decided to climb a tree. Kaitlyn always wants to do whatever her big brother is doing, and to our surprise she wanted up in that tree.

Help me up
Group effort
Sweet girl
She was a bit apprehensive at first. And she only got to hang from the branch, but she loved it. It was pretty damn cute. I was proud of her. It's progress  :-)
Colleen xo

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