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Those Who Draw: Drawers?


Those who paint are painters. Those who sculpt are sculptors. Those who photograph are photographers. Those who draw are...artists. Drawing is one of the oldest forms of traditional art and growing up I assumed that to be an artist, one would have to be great with a pencil and paper. So I guess I crossed that out on my "what I want to be when I grow up" list. I've never felt natural or comfortable drawing. I've always found it to be frustrating.

My father is very artistic and he is very talented when it comes to illustration. I'd say he's gifted. When I was in 2nd grade, he came to my school and taught the class how to draw Mickey Mouse. In 3rd grade he came back and taught us how to draw Donald.

^ that's me! ^                ^ that's my best friend, Melissa! ^

I once traced Fred Flinstone right out of a children's "How to Draw" book. I tried drawing him myself, but my Fred didn't look anything like theirs. I showed it to my dad and I remember his excitement, "Wow! You drew this?!" Guilt immediately washed over me, yet I was too ashamed to come clean (Sorry Dad.) That's probably one of the only times I've ever lied to him.

So here I am now, an artist. The other day I randomly said aloud, "I wish I could draw." John simply stated, "Everyone can draw, it's just a matter of finding your style." And he is absolutely right. I belive the same concept can be applied to singing. I think everyone can sing. You just have to pursue and explore it enough. I haven't found my drawing style yet and I haven't explored  it all that much yet, but I'd say it is more on the abstract and subjective side of things. Everything else seems to frustrate me to exhaustion (Still Lifes!!)

Photography led me to this wonderful world of art and I am finding myself roaming deeper and deeper into it. My hopes are to never find my way out. Why not take the thing that makes you the happiest and do it ALL the time? I have that comforting, content feeling in my chest that I'm finding my place. It all just feels so right.


Colleen xo

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