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Thursday Studio Stuff


I got home from John's yesterday morning around 6:30. I poured myself some coffee, went downstairs, jumped into bed, & did some work on my laptop. Then I toasted a bagel, blasted music throughout the place, & began the rest of my day.

Screen Printing

Painted Canvas

Summer Colors!

City Skyline Art

Sister on the Stairs

Some little girl kept sneaking downstairs and paying me visits <3

Adorable Sister

Drying Art


Just a peek at some of our inventory.

Paint Jeans

I'm running out of normal jeans.

Here is a typography quote print I made this week...

Failure Quote Print

They are for sale in our shop!

Today I'll be listing some new stuff, making some new stuff, & later on making coasters with John. Happy Friday!!

Colleen xo

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