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Vintage Camera Coasters!


A while back, John photographed some of our vintage camera collection. And now we have them on coasters!

Vintage Camera Coasters

Vintage Camera Coasters Edition 1 available for sale in the shop!!

Camera Coaster

Camera Coasters

John making coasters

John putting on the finishing touches (felt bottoms).

Vintage Camera Coaster Set

Vintage Camera Coasters Edition 2!! Also listed in our shop!

Camera Coasters

Old Fashion Camera Coasters

And we also have a coaster design with vintage camera lenses...

Camera Lens Coaster

Stone Coaster

This coaster is listed for sale, but the gin & tonic is unfortunately not included.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend! Hope you do the same.

Colleen xo

P.S. We now have an Ink the Print facebook page (it's about time). Please "like" us!

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