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We finally exchanged Christmas presents!


Well it's January 17th and John & I finally exchanged presents!!!! Here are some camera phone photos of our day...

Camera Tattoo

^ The red is ink, not blood.

Milk Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Molly the Milk Snake Tattoo

Finished Camera Tattoo

We love our tattoos!

John got a tattoo of our Milk Snake, Molly, and I got a camera. The Molly design is actually from an awesome photo John took of her a couple years ago. And the camera was designed by the both of us. We are VERY happy with our presents to each other. We actually went to the same place where we got our first tattoos, Under the Gun in Sewell, NJ. The guys there are awesome and very talented. I definitely recommend them.

Kaitlyn and my Camera Tattoo

P.S. When I got home to show the fam, I let Kaitlyn try out my new camera. She approves!

Colleen xo

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