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While Waiting for Hurricane Sandy


Camera in the mirror

Hurricane Sandy is on her way! We are stocked up on booze and our cameras are fully charged. Work was canceled today so I'm working on art things at John's. The dog and dragon are at home with my parents, but I wish they were here with me :-/ Actually, I kind of wish my whole family was here with me.

Burning Screens

I made two new screens yesterday and I plan to test them out today. So if all goes as planned, there will be a Nashville Skyline listed in the shop soon and a NEW Philadelphia Skyline design! 

Also, we have some new coasters listed!

Oscar Wilde Coasters

Oscar Wilde Coasters available here!

Other skyline coasters will be coming soon, but for now we just have NYC.

New York Skyline Coasters

New York Coasters can be found here.

I truly hope everyone stays safe during this storm. Try to make the best of it and don't go through your stash of booze too quickly! Also, a big shout-out to all those on the East Coast who have to work today.

P.S. Mom (Sandy), I hope you're not tired of all the hurricane jokes directed at you because it is never going to get old for us ;-)

This was my Dad's facebook status this weekend:

"Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Sandy! I have been living with Hurricane Sandy for 31 years now. My advice: have plenty of beer on hand, pay attention to her, don't be scared, and enjoy the ride. It's worked for me! Love you Sandy!"

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